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Unique Hexgan shaped manifold for a flat aesthetic installation on a large range of roof types.

Reinforcement Ribs ensures the manifold header long life in varying pressures and temperatures.

One of a kind Over-Molding manufacturing method automatically injects the header directly over the panel tubes with no leaks.

Spacer Bars to prevent warping of the panel over time, as well as the abrasion of the riser tubes.

Individual Tube Design minimizes wind effects on the panel and creates extreme mechanical stability

Modular Structure enables fast and firm connection between panels, creating any size absorption area over any type of roof imaginable.

Specifically Formulated Polymer Material unique polymer formula stabilizes against sustained ultraviolet radiation, extreme weather and aging.

Alligator Clamp can be positioned anywhere on the panel header for direct drilling to various arrangements of roof truss structures.

Parts & Fittings All Polymer parts, creating simple connection between panels and standard plumbing pipes. *Optional fittings to flex house with a 2” adaptor.

SV collector



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